Dynamic Mathematical Approaches and Metaheuristic Computational Approaches are the most prominent Mathematical approaches in the Era of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

It is actually just in recent years when a good number of scientists and innovators began to devote their work to artificial intelligence and data science. These approaches are unique  and  have  ample  scope  for  future  research. AI has become a popular topic in the media and in scientific magazines, due to several achievements, many of them thanks to the developments in machine learning. Major companies including Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft but also car manufacturers such as Toyota, Volvo and Renault are active in AI research and plan to invest even more in the future, and many AI scientists are now leading the research laboratories of these and other companies. Flexible metaheuristic computational (mathematical) approaches based on AI to the decision making problems of different  types ( multi-objective, multi-level, multi-criteria programming problems) are  always be a complicated structured problems , researchers need to create and explore with  different new approaches to give exact or approximate set of solutions of such complex probabilistic and deterministic mathematical models.

Mathematical modelling is a powerful tool for understanding transmission of Covid-19 and exploring different scenarios after a long proper  data collection . But, instead of focusing on which model is correct, we should accept that “one model can not answer it all” and that we need more models that answer complementary subquestions, so mathematicians have to equipped with elements of AI and data science to enhance their observation and innovation in respective mathematical field of specialisation and dedicate the work to the society and mankind.


Dr. SAVITA MISHRA, HOD, Department of Mathematics,
The Graduate School College for Women, Jamshedpur, Kolhan University, Jharkhand , India.

M.Sc. (Mathematics), Ph.D. (Operation Research), NIT,Jamshedpur

Specialization: Optimization- Multi-Objective Decision Making (MODM) Problems & Multi-Level Decision Making ( or Multi-Level Programming problems), Fuzzy Mathematical Programming, Mathematical Modelling etc.

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