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Mahavira: A Mathematical Prodigy of the Ancient India

Mahavira or Mahaviracharya was a 9th century (about 800-870 CE) Jain mathematician, who made significant contributions to the development of Algebra, born in the present day city of Gulbarga, Karnataka, in southern India. He perhaps took his name to honour the great Jainism reformer Mahavira. He was the author of the earliest Indian text Ganitsarasangraha (dated 850 CE) devoted entirely to mathematics.

Pythagorean theorem : Rooted in Vedic Mathematics

If I ask what are (3,4,5) or (5,12,13) or (15,8,17), most of us will answer that they are Pythagorean triplets. But you will be surprised to know that Pythagorean theorem was discovered during 570 – 500 BCE whereas some books on Vedic mathematics written during the period of 600 – 500 BCE has mentioned this […]

Dynamic Mathematical Approaches and Metaheuristic Computational Approaches are the most prominent Mathematical approaches in the Era of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

It is actually just in recent years when a good number of scientists and innovators began to devote their work to artificial intelligence and data science. These approaches are unique  and  have  ample  scope  for  future  research. AI has become a popular topic in the media and in scientific magazines, due to several achievements, many […]