Thrust Areas of Research:

  1. Translation and Communication of Scientific Literature
  2. Cosmology, Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness
  3. Basic Physics & Applied Mathematics
  4. Brain waves
  5. Physics-Indian wisdom Interface
  6. Science of Yoga and Meditation
  7. Ancient Indian Wisdom and Indian Philosophy
  8. History of Indian Mathematics and Indian Astronomy
  9. Health sciences
  10. Science of Consciousness
  11. Nonlinear dynamics
  12. Physics and Neuroscience


On going
Research Projects:

1. Swami Vivekananda’s Cosmology : Search for a Mathematical Model

2.Translation Project: Translation of Bengali Scientific works ( of J.C. Bose, Ramendrasundar Trivedi ) to English

3. Scientific Study of the Concept of Prana: With Reference to Cosmology, Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness


Research Projects:

1. Scientific Charaterisation of the States of Consciousness as Revealed in the Yoga Sutra with reference to Raja Yoga of Swami Vivekananda

2. Evolution of the concept of Geometry in the Ancient Hindu Mathematics