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Nature of Truth

Whatever we consider as truth is relative and not absolute. It is not complete but partial; not eternal but momentary, not universal but local. Sometimes the Law of Uniformity of Nature is labelled as the truth. Actually, the phenomena which cannot be explained by the prevailing laws of nature are considered to be enigmatic and supernatural. But there is no place for supernaturalism and miracles in Nature. Every event in this world is natural. The discoveries by the greatest scientists strike us often as miraculous because they were not known till the time of their discovery. However marvellous these discoveries may appear, they are as natural as any other phenomena; and should not be designated as supernatural. Scientific predictions depend on calculations and calculations have inherent errors. Therefore, attempts to accurately predict the future, anchoring our faith in calculations only, always prove to be futile. Thus, we are compelled to accept that a part of nature will always remain inaccessible to human predictions.